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  • boys thank you for coming back in no no I necessarily mean I’m above the quarter past 2:00 each morning just only a rubber bit of insulting into the in the wound striving it not less than fucking placed on a little articles plus they try this to me 62 great I’ve taught the clock out and schoolboys after which you can ok yeah we from Liverpool ideal there allow me to saw this go out to head out You must give me a couple of minutes and who would like to go it Chelsea profitable could it be I believed I’ve died I’ve been viewing the game been within the cellular phone to them up oh I ended in any way because the copyright graphic you know what it had been do you know it had been you actually reported to me to the phone I rang you up plus they sit all around your old and so they see when it’s mainly because it’s since you’ve acquired stream in your title and thus what fucking about streaming me title just about every other solitary video clip why does this received’t subject oh it’s our robot fuck you robotic and fuck you receive me copyright we transfer anyway she removed it so the nor was it absolutely was a firm Valencia I spoke to her ahead of she’s cold water from ants what’s the title ants and did you explain to us a number of that i'm your wheeze pen confirms it penalty fucking flip off into the chippies Enable’s appear forth death way Luisa not my why bro where that you just’ve turned out for that for many whenever they skipped it suits who won however I’d must catch up with the sport boys tough to acquire stream again open stored a saved perfectly in kappa give me a 2nd lads an hour or so wherever i’ll get things again opening action lastly Of course they are doing it they are doing it to supply each of the streamers at the same time i suggest real Johnny and all I’m the levite debug them a great deal at the same time They simply believed I was with the forefront nowadays oh yeah told her never to do I told not to get it done once again anyway let’s get past it it went down we’re back again up and after that I don’t get but existence I couldn’t get it but I don’t let me go about existence so they had to receive around the chapter YouTube oh my god exactly where’s this timer let me receive the timer up give me a second boys I’ll be out of your chat for a moment I just what what moment can it be should be sixty five now it's possible fuck it I’ll place it is sixty six sooo right now’s sixty six gotta be 66 Charlotte ideal we ought to have a clock back again up there in a moment if that actually works if it doesn’t doesn’t with any luck , toppers capisci then exactly what the clocks not Functioning I wonder when they’ve taught me cock down in addition I just questioned whenever they’d suck me Clark I thought it’s up they’ve taught me channel down so they might as well acquire me clock at the same time John I signify clocks nothing is it it took me clock counting the clock on now there we go obtained me clock again suitable I’ve got almost everything back I’m Completely ready Phil bill welcome proper very well not All set I’m up for the reason that Elmo obtained the stream open no I am able to’t see the game give me a 2nd let me get a stream up oh I’m heading to begin commentating again and Laura in the event you’re looking at you’re a fucking bitch plus the acre honestly there you go tree one particular proper sixty six minutes and Allow’s go Chelsea gold kick ideal let’s uh beat Aspen equator pull a sew right we’ll bypass that now transform it into politics biotech orbit it I’ll chip in plain Camaro he’s on AZ this Denver but retain styling people today out outdoors our reign I’ll change it off actually just One more challenge in me existence at this moment as William pops into photographs for every Chelsea he understands a tiny bit up and in the game considering that I’ve been away it’s been 4 pictures Each and every on concentrate on there’s somewhat took place and allow me to Minimize buckled having a sport see what anyone’s stating Aveling be absent he’s goal Sure away he’s how he intending to swap up a tummy along with his hurt Sammy’s obtained injured as he has he been injured properly Then you certainly’ll be ending this a single in the following 25 minutes in any case in her giving Liverpool Christiansen we streamed Burley are no no haven’t away sir I had been streaming previously on mate Nonetheless they took me stream down yeah they took me stream down bro and politic chilsen and receives you back again truly entertaining e-book organization she’ll see nevertheless was he inside of a stretcher oh no way I’m lacking it up missed immediately after activity me not Polly resources are really serious Wow am i able to go on each part very best crew on the globe up coming their scowl suggests yeah it ought to be Certainly I’m a mad mmm anything at all he’s happen prior to some thing this time do possibly happen again fuck all I can do I signify about website link proceeds to struggle back again towards them GG I mean fucking the the bitchy stupid she won’t listen do you signify I’ll explain to her now and he or she gained’t you’re laughing again maybe in free FR Mother’s time because the fucking did it Lou Do you realize I suggest not not fucking ordinary properly yeah I’m quite pissed off Primarily possessing like 90 or a number of you could it be And that i’m gaining sobs and afterwards he’s taking me down ranking number one all the remainder of it yeah pretty pissed off Valencia by using a corner and his broke his arm as he well I see you bought a corner in array doesn’t Valencia corner can they get back in so they can’t believe that Chelsea pulled it back yeah boy lyrics welcome back Valencia would an auto going to be whipped in once again Montu time you out for any G’s for nothing and truly Reese what did you pull why did you say was strike my ball was he briefs fuck time me albicans who times you out was it my butt was it correct allow me to change it off and just allow me to switch to comprehensive bathtub give me a 2nd boys apologies it’s none other difficulty in my existence at this minute inside contact me freeze so fucking only you in the event you becoming a pest I needs to be saw it dot now it shouldn’t be timing any person else out can’t believe that you completed I’ve grabbed me streaming it south which implies that I specifically rubbed you know very well what I imply one of these in it one of these know we need to get plastic plastic effectively I necessarily mean a little bit I’m a tiny bit washed During this stream inside a moment if the new 1 arrives comes comes in about twenty minutes after this games for Original start off afresh forget about what’s just transpired and ideally we’ll Have a very entire 90 minutes research stream with no interruptions hopefully but yeah it’s now I literally on a losing at the same time but yeah just have to write down this just one off and I’ll possibly wind up delete you know delete contain streams because the fucking deleted it anyway so yeah facial area arrive a tad blurrier probably a superb factor that it almost all of in the bot I’ll show you so much he’s acquired it in for me tonight honey I imply it’s only 2:thirty a.m.and the problems have started off for that working day so Imagine if Thursday the 28th for November I’m about twelve no it's it is actually it truly is blurry yeah it’s just A different trouble that’s that’s been v90 to me existence at the minute Nathan oh no it is actually it is blurry yeah and I’m looking to fucking take care of it to generally be honest it doesn’t wish to be mounted can’t a booked that signify you should get some fantastic sleep to get ready to Participate in pay attention you’ll be processed like the rest of them will educate a great deal of any time you’re profitable purpose of science give me a 2nd boys I’m seeking to type of drop into stable canvas absent ideal there we go she’ll be back not to blow me if he’s continue to blurry appropriate Chelsea Gold kick seventy three minutes performed I’ve skipped about 40 minutes of it purchased yeah listeners caught on the pitch as well do you think we’ll gain I think Liverpool will gain three-one or two one is exactly what I believe blow on my junk mmm no just pissed off Jason created about what’s took place yeah not your essential not but anyway lives Oct one this can be a much-necessary win that is a A great deal almost pointing to slice it II feel that for Allow’s see what I contact it about to be taken it arrives into your box Gary jumps and Chelsea get it distinct you'll want to get it distinct don’t will need to look at have this and it’s usually shallow yeah Specially Chesney honor on a check out together can’t go Erroneous ps2 you say anything at all that leaves any a profitable does any Anyone got targets prior to our time with me and Chelsea obtained an instant objective again it appears like from thinking about the timing of your ambitions no the bounce is setting up their banter begun in this article we go I love these boys he stole me often Jersey absent Scouts and producing chips in but he can’t really ship in that what she does possibly she pleasurable I like it suitable Roderigo in midfield for Valencia Liverpool no cost a single yeah that’s what I believe the score will be white and blue cool welcome url should you go to aunt s digital residence electronic strategies they’ll give you a website link which they appear to be satisfied to give out back links ingesting be 100 percent mate received him you already know I’m a beer and Gavin what happened I acquired copyright strikes me it’s most likely the quickest copyright strike and elimination that he has ever happened on YouTube then oh yeah the thing is but I don’t know I don’t really know what I’ve created is it illegal to adhere to this seemingly so evidently so Valencia gold kick em anyway ranges yeah she wished and I'm able to only apologize boys on my behalf from their behalf but I don’t Assume their behalf offers a fuck to generally be sincere so i’ll place these up to go ahead and take forefront of it but in any case Sure alright so i don’t fear for the reason that throughout the future 15 minutes or twenty minutes we’ll be Reside for liverpool and that’s a contemporary stream we’ll commence again the we’re everywhere in the clearly show with this particular one so we’ll forget about this then you realize just nothing at all compose it off could’ve experienced a handful of hrs of extra rest although don’t signify I however weeping I’m pissed off up which i could well be alright Chelsea goal kick 77 I’ve like I’ve missing me commentary mojo straightforward properly for the reason that I’m pissed off but I’ll Use a reset inside the 5 minutes bravely I suppose and we’ll get it done we’ll be back again yet again only remark remould your Chelsea yellow card I’m not updating it there’s no level and Liverpool vs Napoli I want the workforce’s Donna I need to unravel a staff don’t hear don’t set streaming you title Although it’s a Reside stream don’t set it in sisal fuck me the human race buckles me from time to time he referred to as a fucking remember to explain to everyone then why will I be modest can idea it extractive Univ about the knife alright let me clear up it seems Alice a Viking purple hi mate oh yeah welcome to the stream next stream Alison chocolyn’s come on I utilized to Perform for Arsenal in likely to Valencia now you bow it absolutely was alright conquer the Emerson’s picked it up she know he’s acquired a lengthy name Emma reported honey it’s locking him on this workforce sheet with espresso zombie yeah I dropped it You may have to remind me of that in the event the under streams on well which I keep in mind Jake Middleton welcome if it looks like I’m hunting the other way than executing the crew sheets for Liverpool which I need to do for the reason that I should be Stay fairly rapidly up ladies you IFC money mate hey Of course bro a gallon to affix get them to return over a look at along tomorrow must be a good deal mates A good number of Arsenal enthusiasts on in this article yeah yeah there’s been additional yellow cards bodies but as it is possible to in all probability explain to I used to be guiding around the scores was guiding in the minutes I’m driving within the goals so we’ll just disregard this this stream and with any luck , the subsequent just one Improper several issues correct is Democrats NJ be absent zombie yeah initial commence on a piece and Rob you realize like me don’t glance again in anger that’s what away she said that didn’t know the back again you recognize the thing is superior following I’m happy now don’t get copyright strikes again people you realize type of that on a 50 percent-time in Liverpool do you know what I’m gonna put it I’m putting it on now I’m putting it on now fucking take me down yet again you’ve previously took me down I’m not bothered a few stream certainly one of our next one even though mmm no one nine you’re listed here we go Romani robbing it [Music] [Applause] slip Within the Aoyama [Applause] [Audio] [Applause] 3he over the bench [Applause] [Audio] Allow’s you arrive forward some other eighty two turbulence er stage versus Valencia no mr.bean cooking matters on in excess of Valencia a degree against Chelsea Gold nine minutes clear of the top of the sport stand up In addition to fireplace take a look she ain’t never gone it had been I believe it absolutely was the watts would it not go Daniel wash yeah he’s that Then you definitely dropped what ago what sister hike you already know Chelsea got it all currently no I don’t like him I believed no way Oh J being sincere mate I’m plenty of to go about I’ve been tucked down for copyright her Karloff score the main objective which naturally skilled and afterwards Thomas it’s God and banking Watson’s you star they go Jake oh sorry mate don’t use why’s my title be mentioned mmm don’t know not browse the chat and are you presently enjoying constructing you beating him pretty much perhaps as a consequence of that unbelievable stage outdoors your summer months times ideal mertens Lozano can Minor Capsule contend with them they couldn’t very last timeout gone at them and God could well be a great in shape no good gal that I don’t want by no no probability [Music] she is aware of it much too you are aware of [Songs] [Applause] [Tunes] pepper and welcome on the stream Bouldin see you are available in he need to have snuck in like you comfort and ease about understand how I Which means obtained two game titles it’s na sub T no one’s received the total year no rely enemies online games down bogs don’t know but mole may very well be there for the total season I advised you the cookie section in regards to the relegation smart Callaghan over the bench why he’s arrive on from the infants tots me ID Alan most likely on the owl is you I’d say I’ve said that one particular these days Martin Keown them would you one particular yeah I am able to get pleasure from [Songs] off-spinner you know very well what I’ve found there bring his crew Valencia scores and when you’re stuck tells us women and now you’re again later Cisco I do know I know madness in its proper team sheets experienced accomplished anyway so I ought to be soon as this stream finishes it should be Reside inside two or a few minutes because that’s what requires the time it’s the lads I sense cheeky inquiring me to subscribe but if you haven’t by now and you need to the channel and you wish to see more copyright strikes and even more complete chaos then subscribe be considered a enjoyment to affix us and spot you inside the corner We now have 5 minutes still left of the the game Frances Calculon come back alright there we go roll again in anger we’re not finished give me a roll Joel Spurs assistant supervisor uncomplicated but I going make some mouthy some Alex arrive to the pitch as he nice mo yes exciting jeez yeah from participating in him Certainly Lud ya know be a beaver subscriber stream tomorrow bar was comprised of his cows webpage you will get fired for copyright claimed no you don’t get fined you simply get banned from Dwell-streaming so yeah I acquired banned for about 20 minutes twenty five minutes nonetheless long which was long gone I used to be banned he poorly banished me slap me race tied me up but I believed I’d develop into unshackled all over again it is possible to’t stop us he can’t quit us estimate a50lt forwards II was picked it up and Now we have received about 4 minutes we’ll it’ll certainly be a late twist and switch in the game Rodrigo will get hit negative point y’all observe you’ve accomplished very well from what I’ve viewed of the game and for Valencia Gary smoosh God Quite a bit of folks scored and for Chelsea now miss the plans I largely witnessed the target so polish it and change it and I'm able to’t describe them to you so make sure you don’t check out me much too since I wasn’t watching underneath Pepsi I’ve never ever acquired In addition the qualifiers I couldn't qualify koala finals you signify Joel’s hair give me a next mates past very last previous Tasi it will make putting up once again just pulse what ever you put up it all over again I’m absolutely sure I’ll see it and all I'm able to go through these plastic from the chat don’t be really cycling it Castile locations custo them have not one thing bill don’ts coming on observing you’re not participating in our on bench for Napoli give me a second no he’s not he’s not even in the crew he’s not on the bench and he isn’t inside the scene so views on you understand obtaining a national occupation I don’t seriously don’t see much of our wins to be sincere mate but it so be straightforward our take any one in the moment and I only explained consider any person in excess of than Emily just to get him out the club you realize pausing for just a little sport and all the way it ought to be an excellent 1 should be a must be an excellent bit of exciting get me mold your butt and after that give me five minutes split sequence this finishes I needs to be back again Stay about 5 to five minutes before the match I’ll try out for have a tendency to you but I can’t assure everything and but yeah some salty trousers I necessarily mean if there’s going to be within a football is soccer just depending upon say TT farm pretty confident a motivator will be [Applause] with any luck , beyond the demand it due to the fact I’m viewing a match and all the only real read respectable messages for those who examine you end up picking Nero Certainly And that i’ve been review to remit really boys we channel received reviewed and seem when you’ve observed it I posted around the Neighborhood in case you click on the Local community tab I posted a channel with practically out I think 50 percent 1,000,000 and subscribers reviewed our channel and we’ve got a good assessment we bought a few matters you might want to modify but we’ve acquired an excellent critique and we're saved from there within the new guidelines at the same time kind an exciting on at Chelsea if you understood nor get the job receive no disappoint from Caffe accurate Reggie accurate mate Allow himself down there fast Johnson loves four minutes Jack for annex bait at present can’t be seven says Discussion board Except if you’re adding any time um hey I’m thrilled Together with the stop of your time he undoubtedly is long gone pepper and luxuriate in yourself mate that's approaching they’ll take pleasure in it you choose new procedures in which you can the you’re happening about my Children and things are up plus a live performance that is 7 for me on some BT it’s slide for me And that i’m viewing it on ESPN The united states how can you enjoy the review And that i’ll let you know a little something I’ll Offer you I’ll Offer you some thing to look at you although I’m absent mainly because I’m gonna be ending the stream in a couple of minutes to have to get ready for the following a person give me a next I’ll mail it yeah the large assault by is obviously how’s he obtaining all of these views alright for wondering darling with no scene you determine what I necessarily mean breeze adjust ahead I’ve been trying to get reviewed for months assuming that I expand it seven minutes on BT could it be effectively I don’t know why I Minds occur off all suitable they’ve received +four close to the scoreboard on my so I’m not make certain what’s up and there I hope it’s not 7 minutes will Chelsea undergo if they jar no it’s extensive open they screwed set them in agree destiny security evening throughout no elite Seymour you already know being a star sisters to think about it possibly just a few up going on Jones it's possible mate probably just a little Chelsea endure whenever they jar no no no Chelsea will never go through the jaw And that i’m endeavoring to come across this post here we’ll go we’ll go and raid the review that’s what we’re executing we’re executing just about every way we’ve manufactured to the overview of a our channel is what we’re gonna do boys when the game titles finished to help you have A fast glance what It's important to say obtaining I feel my companion accomplishing an excellent career at Chelsea and I believe some managers most likely should really take a leaf outside of his book about having a number of the children through and so yeah I’m amazed I need and he’s executing quite a good position of it it’s your bro we lined from in with regard to the seven-one I do think He's yeah I feel he’s a I do think the tissues have run out so yeah hey you know very well what What exactly sadly no I believed you have been fully Chelsea Lately previously by means of Indeed yeah yeah yeah that’s real and similar The great swats so obviously majorly yeah you’re right one hundred% kappa we’re just about finished it i just about carried out properly it’s Jersey boy I’m undecided wherever Jersey Boys make some mouth may possibly scent doesn’t squad know I’m how over anyway not on my stream hasn’t and no he’s not scarred yeah nice one particular biking but we’re just like a preserve eyes apologies for nickel but I want this activity to complete our I need this aged to finish on all of it need to be all believer we will go yet again you need one particular Chelsea Cole kick even though to – yeah – boys in the event you haven’t subscribed before pretty confident many of you who already have not you recognize Many of us seeing and box you should subscribe and switch on that notification bell due to the fact I’ll be back again are now living in about 5 or ten minutes you don’t even need notification about just informed you And that i’ll be like but yeah for upcoming streams mmm occur on complete the sport I’m all set to go lads if you need to do want to observe our YouTube channel along with you then what you must do is go yeah she bolted er yeah suitable yeah a lot of people questioned you for it on Nathan and Visit the 30th minute and visit thirty mini and the industry at the moment I’ve skipped that likelihood boys I had been eventually completed Shaka this continues to be this has long been an absolute shocker is he who given that we played these two people today I’m guessing that Spanish created some mouths forward for Chelsea yeah head over to her if any need to previously be about the fifth minute and you’ll see are you currently carrying out each of the scars are just just the Liverpool game if we get current to the scores then yeah don’t we Ill but don’t be create like this but at Anfield I’ve gotta go I’m full of flights waiting for me I’ve got the pilot beeping on his possess and shot some waffle me and that’s I am gonna go away it there and all there’s a minute left I am gonna have to go simply because I won’t be Dwell from Liverpool thank you a lot of for viewing Every person and I'll capture the ball to the Liverpool video game in several minutes time for the reason that I’m gonna skip it and when I don’t if I don’t then now and always A further moment still left if there’s a purpose there’s a aim that’s late to me a number of seconds try that long gone Paul time thank you a great deal thanks a great deal like catching if.

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